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“Touché, but it’s all a matter of opinion, I suppose. Some would have no desire to return upon dying, and life has got to get tiring after while. Depending on how things change, what if you find yourself no longer wanting to be here hundreds of years from now?” He supposed there’s the chance of whoever’s in ‘charge’ to simply stop bringing her back, but why not ask anyways? “No, I can’t really imagine being trapped, nor would I ever want to.”

For a split moment a feeling of defensiveness rose in the informant, but with a soft chuckle it vanished. “I’m not too sure about that dear, I don’t think I’d take well to someone coming in and buying out or taking over what’s mine. Surely you can relate.” He gave her a brief, sickly-sweet smile after that.

“True enough, but it’s usually rather easy to tell when they are. They give themselves away at some point. I wonder, what about you? Any friends, companions, or a desire for such? With a name such as yours, I would imagine so.”

"My memories were purged,” she pressed a thoughtful finger against her lower lip, “but what’s a hundred years- a thousand even- when you’ve been around for as long as mankind has. Oh but I do wonder sometimes how my predecessor got along after all that time, or how long she’d been consciously around for… or he.. whatever. See- it’s complicated. This world doesn’t seem so old to me. Not yet.”
The sin huffed. She never really liked to think so far into the future. And she’d try to read into him more. “But I’m not buying that you wouldn’t be the tiniest bit interested in watching humankind fuck up over and over again over all that time, making the same mistakes and new ones, every once and a while pulling off some miraculous shit you’d’ve never expected of them. Your kind shapeshifts into all kinds of hideous, beautiful things… but I s’pose you gotta’ be around long enough to see the real change. Not complaining when I’ve got a front row seat and a whole lotta lifetimes to burn through- as long keep out of my old man’s way.” 
She served him back a smile just as overdone. “The ‘companions’ I’ve got are quite expendable. Everyone has a price, dear. But there are those I wouldn’t mind keeping around for a good thousand years or more-“ Greed seemed pleased by the thought. “What? Thought I’d be above attachments? Unlike you, hmm~”

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an educational children’s television show where fem!greed travels the world stealing valuable cultural artifacts


livin la vida loca aka my fem greed headanon

— Game of Assumptions @unraveling-insanity


“Oh, your own creation is forbidden territory? How interesting, surely it must be something special then. But, I’m not sure it’s necessary enough to know such details yet, not if it means sharing so much myself. It depends on what you wanted to know though, I suppose.” Izaya enjoyed staying vague, ‘mysterious’ if you will; things were more fun that way for him. But at the same time, he didn’t have much of a problem talking about himself either. It all depended on what was wanted and who wanted it. “Can’t do it yourself? So essentially you rely on someone else to bring you back around if something happens to you. Unfortunate.”

Did he have attachments? Certainly, but everyone does one way or another. “Of course, I do have a home after all. To say I wasn’t attached to my own city would be a lie even I wouldn’t tell. My work and life revolve around it, no doubt that’s common knowledge to anyone that’s so much as heard my name.”

People, though… that was something else. “If you’re asking about any possible attachments to humans… no, I can’t say I have any. There are constants that I’ve grown used to seeing in my everyday life, but there’s no one in particular. I’m not one for personal relationships.” But in the back of his mind, he knew that was only half true.

"Beats not being able to come back at all." She brushed that off easily enough. "But that’s so obvious… and you couldn’t even imagine what it’s like. That period of being trapped." Ah yes, the world was unfair at times, even for the most powerful.
Greed stroked her chin with interest. “Hmh, I should like to see your city. Could turn out to be prime real estate I’d like to have for my own- though when it comes to expanding territory y’can’t be too selective.” 
The sin was fond of considering anywhere she went as conquered and ripe for plundering whatever it could offer her. 
He mentioned a lack of personal relationships, and it reminded her of something… “Tch, yeah- you don’t seem like the type that would. But who knows; humans who think that way can end up being the loneliest sort of pathetic underneath. It’s a weakness after all.” Ah yes. Because she was so high above such weakness.

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Sofya crossed her arms, looking out at the darkened sky, marked by a bleeding-red comet. Supposedly it meant something, although people would say that about anything if they wanted to. Magic,people would talk about, although those days were fading. Fading from common acceptance, to be more accurate. She would know. Fire ran through her blood, but more than that, the things she’d known in her life, all around the corners of this world…there was more to life and death than people wanted to know.

She waited for a ship to come, or possibly something else. Lately she had been…drifting.

Night had rapidly begun to fall, calling Greed on silent steps out from within the high-walled tent at the edge of their encampment. Though few in number they traveled in luxury, looking a bit out of place with the landscape. A roar of wind served as a reminder that stormclouds threatened to roll in from the sea. And then the great red omen in the sky would be hidden. So many were waiting on so many things…
It had taken a while to become accustomed to each other, though Sofya had enough of her mind as it was. The situation they had found themselves did call for combined prowess, as did all grasps for power. But true motives always had a funny way of hiding themselves. And Greed saw the world only through predacious eyes. 

She pulled the bright red fox’s pelt she wore higher on her shoulders.

"High time for a storm, isn’t it?” Her mouth formed a smirk that looked painfully tight.  Lately she had taken to urging Sofya into the same kind of restlessness that plagued her. Ready enough to do something reckless.

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[drags self in]
wake up, slut

“Oh. You decided to come around.”

"-ah, you know how it is. But I wouldn’t leave y’for too long, darling…"

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